#My Sexy Saturday All About Sexy: If I Were Fire



Welcome to the 113th Saturday of sexiness!

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The seven paragraphs for today are from my latest release, If I Were Fire, from Dreamspinner Press.

Salvesto has rescued Amadeo from the evil Guelfetto, given him a job and had his doctor make sure the young man is in good health after the beating he’d just taken….


Salvesto looked down into the almond-shaped black eyes of the smaller young man in his hands. Deep wells of bitter despair glared back at him. As if remembering his place, Amadeo dropped his glance to the ground with a shudder that made Salvesto remove his hands from the man’s wiry body. Reluctantly he put his hands behind his back and waited until Amadeo breathed evenly again.

Had it been Volpe’s macabre collection that had frightened his new groom? Or something else?

“Did he hurt you?”

“No, padrone. That room was just too—”

“Ah, I’ve often advised him to move his collection upstairs. I’m sorry.”

Amadeo frowned, a handsome and wounded creature. “You should not apologize to me, padrone.”

Salvesto strove for emotional distance, stumbling toward the habit of formality. The fellow was too physically appealing. Salvesto had been away in places where the old boundaries were crumbling, but here at home, the theater of bloodlines played out, though the theater of Siena was nearly empty.



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