Get set…


Are you ready for National Novel Writing Month? I’m signed up. I decided looking for writing buddies is just a distraction and visiting the forums more of the same. I just want to write, dammit. I’ve got EM Lynley’s How to be a Nano Winner at hand and the worksheets, though I don’t want to win—that is have a finished first draft at 50,000 words—as much as I’m aiming for 50,000 words of more than one project. The projects that have been boiling away beneath the surface while I worked on Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses. I did promise the SO that I would clean up my closet space once that was winging its way to my editor, but here I am, writing about Nano. Tomorrow I’ll put away the summer clothes and shake out the flannels…

One of the projects I’d like to make some inroads on is a steamspunk/romance story I started a long time ago. It began life as a sci-fi short that never quite came together—I didn’t know how to end it and that’s one of the reasons I’m not a short story writer. There’s never enough room to tell the story I want to tell, but for too long I believed I had to master short stories before I could write a novel. Well, maybe it’s true in general, and there are other ways and venues to get started in writing fiction these days, but it’s just not true for me.

Anyway, the premise of the story has stuck with me, and I’ve been posting some first draft on Sundays for Weekend Writing Warriors, but I’m going to strike out on my own and post Burning Sky as a work in progress. It needs more worldbuilding, but for now just getting plot and characters worked out more than 8-10 lines at a time is the goal. If you visit that page on my blog, please feel free to comment.

Ardent Fire needs more Romance—I’m thinking of adding between 7000 and 10000 words to make my editor happy. There’s a character in that story who wants to tell his own tale of finding love and happiness during the Renaissance, so another 3000 to 5000 will get him out of my hair for a while. While I’m in the world of Ardent Fire, it’s a good time to open up that one, too.

So that’s a proposed 15,000 words so far. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself.

Back to the world of Hitting Black Ice, my contemporary romantic suspense, last week I submitted the sequel, Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses, following Hunter and Alex on a dream vacation to the Caribbean. I know there are some Nick Truman fans out there waiting for his story, and he does make a cameo in the sequel, so that’s got to be started. The romantic pair in Send, Orfeo and Max, have a story to tell, too, so there might be a prequel for them. That will be an easy one. The tough one is Nick. He’s pretty damaged, and keeping up with his level of snark—wow, me and Nick need some alone time without the other stories and characters distracting us. Maybe after Christmas will be the best time to work on that one, in the cold, dark heart of winter.

So that’s we’re I’m at. I love this time of hear, post peak of foliage. The remaining leaves are golden, silver, copper, and bronze, a muted landscape, but pretty nonetheless. The sun is shining, my feet are cold, and I’ve got to go to work soon. Every day’s a good day as long as I’m creating.




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