#NaNoWriMo Day 1

So, yay, goal met today. I’m going to try to think about it like AA–one day at a time. I went over so there’s some words in the bank, too.  Beginnings of novels are easy–it’s only going to get harder the deeper you go (yeah, that’s what he said).  But my strategy is to have a scene in mind before I sit down–basically I only want to know what comes next. I know what the end goal is, where we want to end up (save the day, get the guy), and a few key scenes on the way.

I’ve been writing too slowly to suit me, distracted by family issues–aging parents and why I ran away from home in the first place–so I picked up Write or Die! Well, this morning worked well, though no spellcheck, and you can’t go back and fix things, you can only move forward (sort of like visiting “home”). It’s default setting is 1500 words in one hour. When I slowed down, the dreaded spider appeared and a baby cried. Uck!

I ended up going over, which I thought would be good since there were so many mistakes in the first try, but as it turned it, I added another 400 words in the revision. Because I just couldn’t leave it the way it was. So that took some time, and I had time today, though I have to go to work soon. I wanted to up the wordcount in the bank to cover the two days I have doctor appointments in November.

Best, Hel 😀


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