#seductive studs Blog Hop: Ardent Fire #2



The link above will take you to more seductive studs and authors 😀

Here’s a little more of that new bathing scene by the river scene between Morello and Benedetto, the newcomer from Florence….


(Painting by Domenico Cresti)

“That looks tempting,” Benedetto said.

“Come on, Master!” Donato shouted at Morello from the river. “Don’t be shy!”

“I’m not shy,” Morello said to Benedetto as he pulled open his doublet. “You?” He kicked off his shoes, then wriggled out of his shirt and hose. With a running leap, he pulled his limbs close to his body and jumped into the water as close to Donato and Primo as he dared. They shouted in glee when he landed like a cannonball in water still chilled from melting mountain snow. So very good to chase the heat of the day away and to quell his growing heat for Benedetto.

“Come on, man from Florence!” Primo shouted. “What kind of fish are you?”

“An observer fish.” Benedetto removed his doublet and pulled his sweat-soaked shirt away from his body. He laid it nearby and sat beside it on the river’s bank, folding his limbs as neatly as a cat.



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