#sedstuds Blog Hop: Ardent Fire #3


Welcome to another Seductive Studs Saturday!

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And here’s my snippet this week, more of the river scene, where Morello and Benedetto have gone to cool off from the white heat of a Tuscan summer:


“Then watch me!” Primo clambered naked out of the water and on to the place Morello had launched himself from.

“Primo, be careful,” Donato said beside Morello. “Don’t be an idiot,” he went on in a lower tone.

Primo made a running jump, tucking in like Morello had, but his splash was a poor copy of Morello’s, who had far more mass and muscle. The bathers cheered anyway, taking turns to try and outdo each other. Morello swam to where the river was deeper and ducked under to make his way back to Benedetto. He popped out of the water, and Benedetto laughed. Morello scooped up handfuls of water and splashed him vigorously, which only made the man laugh more and cover his head with his arms.

deyave bathers

(photo credit: deyev.com)



One thought on “#sedstuds Blog Hop: Ardent Fire #3

  1. Alexis Duran December 5, 2015 / 11:05 am

    Sweet! Nothing like cooling off to heat things up.


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