#manlovesunday #3: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses

Welcome to another House of Manlove Sunday!

Only one other blog is participating this week, so go here: http://katelowell.com/ to read an awesome excerpt from “Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas” a Christmas story that releases December 8th from Loose Id 😀

This is a scene from Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses, the sequel to Hitting Black Ice.

Alex and Hunter are on the Caribbean island of Saba, but there is something rotten in paradise…;)


It wasn’t the inherited blue sense that warned Hunter of danger, but his fears whispering to him that things were going a little too well in paradise.

However, sex in paradise couldn’t get any better. Hunter glanced over at Alex still trying to catch his breath beside him and then above them at their naked bodies in the mirror. Now that was damn sexy. Why did ceiling mirrors in old movies seem so cheesy? It was almost like watching themselves with the webcam, but live.

“What are you thinking about?” Alex pulled a little away from him, their lube and sweat sticky bodies sliding apart. It was too hot for the sheet, and the table fan did nothing but move the heavy air around. The steady breeze that blew over the island missed them in this room.

Hunter pointed upward. “We need one of those at home,”

“Yeah, we do.” Alex yawned. “Talisha lied to Bonita. It wasn’t lady problems. She acted pretty weird about something.”

Was he bored already?

“But what could she be involved in? She honestly seems like a nice kid.” Talisha wasn’t the one who made Hunter suspicious. His money was on the brother.

“Maybe something to do with Scott?”

“Wild Scott Johnson?”

Alex laughed, then sobered. “I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out where her reaction came from. I’m not a special agent and that was made pretty clear.”

His spidey senses are tingling. Mine, too, but why?

Hunter dropped his chin onto Alex’s shoulder. “I think she has a thing for you. Maybe her ovaries exploded when you revealed your superpower and that’s why she had to leave.”

“Aw, that poor girl!” Alex shrugged him off his shoulder gently, rolled out of bed, and grabbed bottled water for them both. Back in bed, he switched off the small table lamp. Propped up on pillows, they sipped at the water in the dark. “Well, something’s off about it, that’s all. I had the sense they are affluent, though I doubt that girl went to private schools. There’s something a little rough under the sapphires and pearls.”

Why was Alex so suspicious? Hunter honestly didn’t think Talisha was the one who had set his own suspicions off. “They’re adults, but young adults on their own. I don’t think that’s unheard of.”

Alex yawned again. “Could be anything. I guess if we keep seeing more of them, we’ll get the whole story. Something’s upsetting Orfeo.”

“Or someone. Maybe it’s not Scott—maybe it’s Max? He seemed pretty pissed, and it was aimed at us.”

Alex shook his head. “He was probably a little jealous. Our parents hoped we’d pick up our friendship again. I don’t see Orfeo hanging out with a baby crime lord, you know?” He took the empty bottles and dropped them into the wastebasket beside the bed. “We don’t know this place. It looks like paradise on the outside, but there’s drugs and theft and drunken brawls with machetes. Just not to the extent we have back home or on the other islands.”

“How many police are on this island, do you think?”

“Maybe a dozen for a population of 1900 or so?”

“And guns?” Since Alex was the Saba expert.

“The police, of course. And a guy with a .22 called the goat-killer, if that’s what you want for supper. But I read there aren’t a lot of guns on the island, and they do spot checks periodically at the airport.”

“I’ll stay away from the goats, then,” Hunter said, hoping Alex would laugh, and he did.

Alex stretched. He adjusted his pillow so he could lay flat again and pulled Hunter down with him. “Come on and sleep, honey, it’s late, and we need to be up early to meet Orfeo.”




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