Rainbow Snippets #1: If I Were Fire


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This is the opening to my recent release from Dreamspinner Press. If I Were Fire is a novella set in 18th century Tuscany…

More information here:https://velvetpanic2.wordpress.com/if-i-were-fire/

Conte Salvesto Masello passed through the Camollia gate into Siena and began the steep walk up Via Fonte Branda as it baked under a brutal sun. The white and green flags of the Goose contrada hanging from windows and strung across the narrow streets flapped in the breeze. Within its walls, Siena held a honeycomb of small city-states like the Goose, and the banners and flags of the districts were all rampant. A military tattoo competed with another drummer, echoing through the cobbled streets. The battles of the old year, lately hard fought and won, had given birth to the new. He regretted he had been too busy to attend any of the palio, the horse races that were the heart of the Sienese year.




8 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets #1: If I Were Fire

  1. I love it when a short description grabs you and hurls you away in whenever wherever. Just like yours did. I suck at description and I’m a sucker for them. Obviously, I’ll start reading historical again.


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