#Sedstuds: Ardent Fire #6



Follow the link above for more seductive studs.

This is from one of the new scenes I added to my Renaissance romantic suspense,. Ardent Fire. Getting ready to submit that puppy again 😀


He led Benedetto away from the cavorting men and boys, who shouted and whistled after them. When the sound of their play grew distant, Morello stopped. “The water is so clear, you can see to the bottom. It’s not deep.”

Benedetto gave him an uneasy glance, then looked away, biting his lower lip.

“I won’t let you drown,” Morello said. “Get undressed.” Morello splashed into the shallower water, giving the man a moment alone.

“Don’t look,” Benedetto called out needlessly.

“I will have to look at you some time,” Morello replied. The sun had warmed the water here. “I can’t teach you to swim with my eyes closed. Think of it as an anatomy lesson.” His instinct told him this was more than modesty, so he turned away and steeled himself not to react to a horrible scar or oozing rash when Benedetto finally splashed into the water behind him.

male nude


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