On the last day of 2015…

I must remember to bring my camera whenever I leave the house in 2016–yesterday, the last day of the year, after the last storm of the year, was a day filled with ghostly fog weighted and colored by woodsmoke in the air. The sun was shining behind clouds and mist and though there were shadows on the ground, it felt like another stormy day. Perfect, I thought, for the last day of the year. I saw a fisher cat down by the river, and they may be vicious, but this one was pretty shy, as I was on the other side of the water when he took off. The ice on the fire pond and the river were oddly hued, but that was what made me go back out once my groceries were put away….


This is our “back forty” 😉


My flowering crab tree I dragged from New Hampshire when it was just a pup.


The camera doesn’t quite capture the color my eyes did in the fire pond.


Looking back up the road…


The river. Again, the ice had a deeper yellow to it than the camera shows…



Ye olde burial ground…I should have got closer.

Actually, the quality of the light was like an eclipse…



I wish for all of you a safe, healthy, and happy New Year 😀

love, Hel


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