Book Blast and Giveaway: Forever Joshua by Grein Murray

Forever Joshua E-Book Cover

Author Name: Grein Murray

Book Name: Forever Joshua

Series: The Joshua Series

Book: Three

Series should be read in order

Release Date: December 14, 2015


Joshua and Michael’s marriage has been going well until the letters arrive. Disturbing letters show up threatening to out Joshua as an ex-porn star. As the letters escalate so does Joshua’s fear. When the stalker strikes, Joshua’s loved ones need to pull together to help Joshua, but can they do what needs to be done to make Joshua safe?

Pages or Words: 150 pages

Categories: Ertoica, Gay Fiction, Romance


Christopher peeked around the door frame of Michael’s bedroom. “We have someone that can help us.” Kyle and Christopher parted and in walked someone that Michael hadn’t seen in a while. It was probably the last person he thought could (or would) help, Tristan.

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Meet the author:

When I’m not writing I like going to concerts. Music is a big part of my life, I’ve played bass guitar since I was a teen. I love nature and enjoy hiking and working with causes that help protect our planet and wild animals.

I have loved books all of my life and have always enjoyed escaping the ordinary world by getting lost in a good book. I read a lot of different genres of books but have fallen in love with MM. I support the gay community and hope one day people will see that love is love and that it is a beautiful thing no matter your gender, race or religion. Joshua and his story have been in my head for years but I never took the time to write it.

With encouragement from some fellow authors and friends I took the leap and now all of you can get to know my characters and I hope you love them as much as I do.

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Publisher: Grein Murray

Cover Artist: Kellie Dennis from Book Cover By Design

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