#SedStuds: Ardent Fire #8


Ugh! Late again–I will be late to my own cremation…


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Continuing the river scene where Morello is trying to seduce Benedetto into the water to cool off…


Morello felt the brilliant touches of blue like sparks on his skin as Benedetto took him in. “Do you bathe in the Arno? This is one of the tributaries, a finger of the great river.”

Benedetto shook his head. “Some do, but we go to the bathhouse.”

Then where had the modesty come from?

“Some find it strange to put their faces in the water,” Morello went on in a lecturing tone. It gave him distance from the beautiful stranger naked beside him. Why did he think this was a good idea? “Or their whole heads. Hold your breath and—”

“I’m not an infant,” Benedetto scolded. He took a breath and sank beneath the surface completely.

When he rose again, the water running loving tongues down his body, Morello said, “Then on to floating. If you relax, the water will buoy you up, like so.” He went face down into the water, arms and legs spread out, acutely aware of his naked ass, but he liked being naked with the man from Florence.

deyave bathers


2 thoughts on “#SedStuds: Ardent Fire #8

  1. nancygideon January 10, 2016 / 7:58 am

    Beautifully descriptive, Heloise! A lovely, sensuous scene.


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