#SedStuds: Ardent Fire #10


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This is a continuation of a new scene from my Renaissance Era romantic suspense/mystery. Morello and Benedetto are trying to escape the summer’s heat by the river with the apprentices and journeymen from the workshop, and the local villagers.


Morello put his arm under Benedetto to support him in the water, and the man didn’t thrash about as he had before. He put his hand to Benedetto’s flat, hard stomach, but did not allow it to wander. “Gently. Relax. Close your eyes if that helps.”

“This is not like the swimming you were doing earlier,” Benedetto said in a mocking, yet amused tone. His hair floated around his head like a halo. “But it is quite pleasant.” Benedetto opened his eyes and laughed up at him. Morello grabbed him to keep him from going under, satisfied when Benedetto clutched his arms in return. “I suppose it tastes better than the Arno!”

Morello caught and held Benedetto’s glance, and a frisson of joy passed between them. He leaned down and smiled at Benedetto’s welcoming grin, then kissed him gently, so he would not move about again and sink.

anatomia_leonardo_da_vinci memorise.org

(photo credit: anatomia_Leonardo_da_Vinci memorise.org)


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