#SedStuds: Ardent Fire #11


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This is a continuation of a new scene from my Renaissance Era romantic suspense/mystery. Morello and Benedetto are trying to escape the summer’s heat by the river with the apprentices and journeymen from the workshop, and the local villagers.


A movement on the river’s edge caught Morello’s eye. “You there!”

The ragged creature glanced quickly at him, then disappeared into the thick wood with his arms full.

Benedetto loosened himself from Morello’s grip. He splashed to where his beautiful clothes had been and moved quickly up the embankment as if he would chase the beggar to get them back. Morello struggled through the water to reach Benedetto before he did such a stupid thing.

“Stop, Benedetto!” Morello grabbed his arm and jerked him back. “He saw us.”

“But those clothes are—”

“If you pursue him, he will pursue us in return, and tell what he saw. It’s our skins that are irreplaceable.”

Benedetto gave him a mulish look and shook off his hand. “Then how we will get home, walk naked through the woods?”


anatomia_leonardo_da_vinci memorise.org

(photo credit: anatomia_Leonardo_da_Vinci memorise.org)


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