#SedStuds: Ardent Fire #12


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This is a continuation of a new scene from my Renaissance Era romantic suspense/mystery. Morello and Benedetto are trying to escape the summer’s heat by the river with the apprentices and journeymen from the workshop, and the local villagers.



“No one will see us,” Morello assured Benedetto. “We passed no one on our way here. You can wear my clothes, and I’ll go naked. It won’t surprise anyone to see me thus, and you might shock lesser men, you beautiful creature.”

Benedetto continued to look unhappy; in fact, it appeared his mood had dropped irretrievably. Morello left him in their private spot for his own clothing, and when he told the tale of the stolen clothes, a few lent them their shirts to cover Benedetto.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” Morello said as he draped Primo’s too small shirt across Benedetto’s shoulders. The butcher’s son, a well fed, big boned boy, had given his tunic, which the man from Florence wrapped around his hips. He was quiet, head down. If there were scars on him, they were buried deep beneath his skin.

anatomia_leonardo_da_vinci memorise.org

(photo credit: anatomia_Leonardo_da_Vinci memorise.org)


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