Sunday Author Spotlight: W.S. Long


About W.S. Long

Spencer (who writes under the pen name W.S. Long) lives in hot, humid Central Florida where the weather only gets delightful December, January and part of February.  A child-immigrant from the Philippines, he joined the Air Force as an enlisted man, got his college degree and went to law school about the time he realized he could no longer deny who he was: a gay man. Married to a mild-mannered college professor, during the day, Spencer practices law. At night, he reads and writes gay fiction with romance when not watching some geeky TV show or movie or traveling with his husband who has a bit of wanderlust.

JMS Books released Spencer’s recent novella, “Splendidly Ever After,” on January 21.

The story follows Pad and RJ, who first appeared in 2014 in “Ask and I’ll Tell,” a military male-male romance, which took place before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” got repealed.

What’s it about?

This novella is part of the “Love Wins” series at JMS Books, celebrating Marriage Equality.

Seven years after they meet, and more than four years since RJ initially proposes, RJ and Pad are back. The wedding invitations have been sent again and the date is set. This time, both men are more committed than ever to each other and willing to make their relationship work.

But old issues surface that cause conflict before their big day. Will RJ’s recent diagnosis of sexual addiction disorder tear them apart? Can they weather the growing disapproval from family over same-sex marriage before they walk down the aisle? Will RJ and Pad finally tie the knot?

How about a taste?

The sun glinted through the almost rhomboid-shaped window as it made its journey below the line of the horizon. Soon the sunset would be a memory. RJ placed the checklist to the side and double-checked the gauges. He saw his co-pilot heading to the metal stairs that connected the jetway to their narrow-bodied airliner. The scene in front of him played out like other moments he had seen countless times before. The tug operator below jawed at another employee on the tarmac. Baggage crews worked to load up checked-in luggage. He heard passengers walking and loading up behind him, entering the cabin.

He sipped the coffee that the attendant had provided to him and took a break from reviewing the last notations involving the flight details.

He loved these moments. He felt alive. Maybe his positivity was colored by the thoughts of his wedding day coming up. He didn’t know. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but in the last few months, he had never been happier. In a few weeks RJ Davis would be on a plane, on his own honeymoon, to the man he loved. He relaxed his shoulders and closed his eyes for a second. The hum of the engines provided a moment for quiet meditation.

RJ’s focus ended when he felt his jacket vibrate.


He hesitated for a second and looked over his shoulder past the open cockpit doors. Passengers still streamed through, finding seats as some hauled rolling suitcases that barely fit the one long aisle down the middle. RJ glanced at the number. He pursed his lips, looked up, shook his head, and thought about it. He could take the call now, minutes before they left or he could call back later. The cockpit noise would be a plausible excuse. He drummed his fingers on the display panel next to him then decided. He punched the green button. “Hey, Mom.”

“RJ, I got the invitation. Is this a good time to talk?”

He detected the flatness in her voice. Unemotional. Not a happy tone. No initial pleasantries or chit chat that sometimes she was prone to begin most of her conversations.

“Sure. About what?”

“That you’re getting actually go through getting married.”

“I was going to tell you.” RJ then heard silence. After two seconds passed he interrupted. “Really I was.”

He heard her sigh over the phone. “I would have thought you would have told me, rather than me finding out about it through a formal invitation. Is it going to go this time? It didn’t the last time.” She paused then continued. “Never mind. Barry and I belong to this new church.”

RJ’s head whipped back, his eyes narrowed. “And? Why would that be an issue?”

“We don’t believe in same-sex marriage. It’s not in our faith. It’s an abomination of what marriage is supposed to be.”

RJ bit his lip. Even though marriage was legal now in Florida and several other states due to recent court rulings, he’d expected flak.

But Mom?

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