#SedStuds: Ardent


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Cross your fingers that it’s just a few more weeks until I hear back on the submission of Ardent 😀

The soulful looking man below is my inspiration for Benedetto Tagliaferro…


In the shimmering white heat, the cicadas sang loudly. The milky sky appeared as smooth as silk. Morello sighed his contentment as Benedetto shifted beside him in the shade of a grove of chestnut and oak trees. They sat side by side on a hill looking down on the village, a leather bottle once filled with wine between them. The bottle was empty, but Morello’s heart was full. When he smiled at the man beside him, Benedetto smiled back.

“The quiet is astonishing,” Benedetto murmured. “No horses, no carts on cobbles. No fighting or laughing. No one shouting about how fresh their fish is or how sweet their fruit.”

“Maybe I will come and visit you in your noisy city.” Morello gazed up through the green leaves, deliberately not looking at Benedetto.

“Maybe you will?” Benedetto asked, warmth in his voice. He ran his fingers lightly through Morello’s hair, his smile growing. “I would like to see you there, I think. And there is so much for you to see.”

“Just you.” Morello took his paint-flecked hand from his head and kissed the palm. “I only want to see you.”


(photo credit: http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/15-mens-curly-hair-styles.html)


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