#8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors: William-4



Welcome Writing and Reading Warriors!

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I’m starting a new project, one that needs to be completed by the late fall. I’ve joined a group of very talented authors who are writing about the Knights of the Black Order, a paranormal action/suspense/MM romance medieval-inspired series created by Thianna D. Durstan, which will be published by Dreamspinner Press. Each knight of the Order has a story to tell, and this is the start of William’s story, a young serf in Normandy….


A knight stood about twenty paces away. The man removed his helmet and began to look about him. He dropped the chain mail coif from his head, perhaps so he could hear better, and revealed a sheaf of dark hair at the front of his head, the back shaved so the hair did not become entangled in the metal links. Dark good looks, blue eyes, and he appeared young despite the shadow of beard. A purple bruise lay on his cheek.  He set the helmet down and drew a long knife from his belt.

In that moment William knew his father was dead.






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