#SedStuds: His Dark Reflection


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Nick, the compromised FBI agent from Hitting Black Ice and Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses, has a shot at redemption in his own story: He’s hiding in WITPRO and trying to be good….

from (WIP) His Dark Reflection


Hank knew where Nick lived, had his phone number, and his real fake name. Too much information, but a lie would have revealed him eventually and made things worse. How deep did his new identity go? He guessed he was about to find out if Hank decided to look more deeply into him. He would if he was Hank. Nick had links to both murder victims. Either they’d taken him out of the system altogether, or a warning flag would go up when a search began, right? He’d get a phone call, and they’d take him off to another city, another identity.

He took a deep pull on the tequila bottle and chased it with a lungful of smoke.

Yeah, that deep velvet voice on the big, laid back southern boy.

Nick closed his eyes and let his cock drive his imagination for a while. His perpetual semi sprang into life, that weirdly constant reminder that he was still alive and kicking, like it wanted to keep him that way.



(photocredit: http://elmundodelpeinado.blogspot.com/2013/04/peinados-para-hombre-con-pelo-largo.html)


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