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The soulful looking man below is my inspiration for Benedetto Tagliaferro…

A novel of love, murder, and ambition set in Medici Florence. Benedetto has left Morello behind in the country after their brief summer affair and returned to the workshop in Florence where he works for his old lover Master Leo.


High up on the scaffold, Benedetto touched the brush laden with lead white to the putto’s wings. Who could resist smiling at the fat limbs and faces of the messengers of Aphrodite? He had thought to put his heart and mind aright by setting thoughts of love aside, but the putto flapped his wings in Benedetto’s face and scattered all his good intentions to the wind.

I will love you, Angel…

Why can I not forget you, Morello?

“Benedetto,” Leo spoke quietly from below. “Little cat?”

Oh, no, Leo was not using a childhood pet name to soften Benedetto’s wrath toward him. Benedetto climbed off his ladder, stepped to the edge of the scaffold, and looked down at the master. “You’re late!”

The brush dropped from his fingers; end over end it flew and scattered white feathers of paint as it fell. The younger apprentices laughed, perhaps thinking he’d thrown it in a fit of temper. Leo laughed with them, his face turned upwards.



(photo credit: http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/15-mens-curly-hair-styles.html)


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