#SedStuds: Ardent


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“Wicked Benedetto, you tease me so.” Morello cupped his hands around Benedetto’s buttocks and pulled him closer. Though Morello resented it, he was not a fool to disdain what Benedetto offered here and now.

His silken lips brushed Morello’s. Sharp teeth nipped his bottom lip, and Morello’s tender flesh gave way. He had no room to do more than jerk in the other’s arms with the bright exquisite pain. Benedetto sucked on his bottom lip as if it was Morello’s prick in his mouth, in and out in a demanding rhythm.

Morello pulled his mouth away. “You have made me your prisoner, to do with what you will.” He panted hard, his heart about to leap out of his chest. What if they were caught by either new enemies or old? The added spice of danger sent blood surging through his prick, and he could not restrain himself from rubbing hard against Benedetto, mutely begging for relief.


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