#SedStuds: Ardent-Art, Love, and Murder


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The soulful looking man below is my inspiration for Benedetto Tagliaferro…

Master Morello’s first morning in Florence…but where is Benedetto?


The apprentices whispered outside Morello’s closed door like excited mice, nibbling at his last moments of peaceful dreams. He pushed himself to wakefulness, away from the sun rolling through the deep fields and the golden-haired man laughing in his arms, a dream layered in wishes and memory.

Much earlier, as the day began to dawn, he’d risked his neck by going down the still night-dark stairs and out into the cool air to piss. Light had begun to creep into the workshop on his return. He had halted at the sound and sight of Benedetto Tagliaferro as the sleeping man turned and murmured in his nest of blankets. Morello had stamped down the urge to slip in beside him, to spread his wings, and thrust them both into flight. Instead, he called on another powerful emotion and tucked in a fallen corner of the blanket as if his friend were a hapless boy abandoned to the night air and bad dreams.



(photo credit: http://www.mens-hairstyle.com/15-mens-curly-hair-styles.html)


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