3×3 WIP and tag, you’re It :)

The generous and talented JP Kenwood, she of Dominus fame, has tagged me in sharing lines from a current work in progress– the first three lines of the first three chapters of your WIP so I’m tagging Kate Lowell and Addison Albright this evening.  Only two? Okay, here goes….

This WIP is called Burning Sky, a bit of an mm romance gypsy steampunk story…


After I barely escaped with my life and the life I’d been sent to save, the open road welcomed me back. Summer in the Northeast Kingdom was in full reign.

Hells, the open road was a lover’s embrace tempered with my relief and a grateful heart.


I trotted back to the Penelope, fetched the crank, and got her running again. I double checked the hitch, rattled the door of my caravan to ensure it had locked, and slid behind the wheel of the steam coach again. I drove a little ahead of the mechanical and rolled to a stop.


The men around her fell silent as they worked on rolling cigarettes and helping themselves to stew; quietly, unobtrusive their catch word. Rosida would not meet my eye, subtle as a cat as he sat by the fire, sinuous and free. I felt a hitch in my throat at the sight of him.

Sufficiently tempting, I hope 😀


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