#SedStuds: His Dark Reflection


Welcome to Monday and another Seductive Studs Blog Hop!

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This is a scene from the completed rough draft of His Dark Reflection, the story of Nick Truman, the FBI agent readers of Heart and Haven love to hate.


So this is a weird dream…

He chanted and danced with the other young Cheyenne men, the sun blazing down on them as they entered the circle through the east-facing opening. The sacred cottonwood tree erected in the center of the circle open to the sky appeared to dance with colorful cloth fluttering in the wind. Elated and scared, proud and humbled, Nick danced, trying not to think about the trial to come. Then he was standing shirtless, the heat on his shoulders as he gazed up at the sun; waiting. A shadow blocked out the brightness, and cool hands touched his bare chest.

Granddad? What are you doing here?

Making sure you survive this, grandson.

But I’m a monster.

The sharpened peg piercing the flesh of his chest above the nipple was attached to a rope. The rope was tied to the top of the cottonwood tree. He didn’t scream or make a sound, but kept his intense gaze on the old man as he did his work. His grandfather’s face was seamed with time, his black eyes sad as he pushed the peg through to the other side. The chanting grew louder, the beat of feet on the earth thunderous. The second peg pierced him, nearly bringing him to his knees.

I don’t know if I can keep fighting, Granddad.

Granddad leaned in close.

You make sure you’re the last man standing.

The old man put his hands on Nick’s shoulders and shoved him backward.

Nick awoke, grabbing at his chest, sure he was having a heart attack, but the pain faded as the dream receded.

“No more cheap tequila.” He rolled over and went back to sleep.



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