#SedStuds: His Dark Reflection


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This is a scene from my freshly submitted, third in the Heart and Haven series, His Dark Reflection.  The antagonist of the first novel, Hitting Black Ice, the man everyone loved to hate, has his own story to tell…right now, he’s wallowing in misery, the only light the man he’s just met, Hank.



Nick, despite liberal doses of tequila and random men, couldn’t erase Detective Hank Axelrod from his mind. He’d worked and partied through the weekend, with Sunday night and Monday off. So here it was late Sunday afternoon with a fine spring day outside the window of his living room. He sat and smoked morosely, not really seeing anything more than a blur of green grass and blue sky. The truly horrible winter when all the vultures had flown home to feast on his flesh lay hard on his mind. He’d let them feast, gladly. All the talking hadn’t killed him, though, likely only because Damon Flint had taken his gun away.

He reached automatically for another swig of tequila.

To be or not to be…

…or you can still do good in the world…

He hated having days off. Maybe he’d get a part-time job somewhere bagging groceries or planting daisies just to keep him out of the apartment.


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3 thoughts on “#SedStuds: His Dark Reflection

  1. Alexis Duran August 15, 2016 / 9:29 am

    Yeah! I kept hoping he’d get a chance at redemption.


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