#SedStuds: Luca and Amelio


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Before Ardent became Ardent, I wrote about 40,000 words for Nano that year of a prototype story, I guess. I didn’t stay the course with it, getting caught up in backstory and histories and writing myself into a big old corner–I couldn’t seem to get back to the original idea so I let it go. The first story influenced the second, but they don’t look alike anymore. The other day, I was looking for something else, the medieval mystery I’d written years ago that might become some type of AU/paranormal, stumbled across a very old YA fantasy then had a laugh–doesn’t everyone have a YA fantasy tucked in a drawer? In a folder I thought was medical terminology for my RL job, I found the first two chapters of the prototype, slightly revised.

So that’s the story behind the story– 😀

More Art, Love, and Murder…

Amelio had painted Luca’s face and body on the murals and screens of palazzi and churches, ceilings and canvas, over and again, a muscular angel, golden curls, brown expressive eyes, a smooth and boyish face that eventually became a man’s. The wings were painted on, but oh, how they had flown.

He wanted to weep as he watched this older and harder version of his former lover. Luca ignored him outright, looked past him and through him with a slightly curled lip revealing his contempt.  Some devil had placed them across from each other at the table. The place overflowed with artists and artisans, filling the place with talk and more talk while Amelio sat in yearning quietude, for once, watching his former lover from beneath his lashes or the corner of his eye.  He wanted to speak to Luca, anything, even please pass the fish, but imagining that only led to imagining more.





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