End of Month Inventory

August went fast, didn’t it?

So what’s going on?

Completed and submitted the third book in the Heart and Haven series—this is Nick’s story, titled His Dark Reflection.  It was difficult to approach such a complicated character, and I really didn’t want him to lose his snark and edge. He’s my Loose Id editor’s Frankenstein, as she’s the one who saved him from the bin. I knew once he got talking to me, he wouldn’t stop. Let’s hope for one more story from him and Hank.

Wrote 7500 words of the new novel for Thianna Durstan’s multiauthor brainchild through Dreamspinner, the Knights of the Black Order.  Each book’s title is the main character’s name. I’m a big fan of William Marshal, so I named my character after him.  I’ve got an armload of books on El Dorado and Paraguay to work through, and it’s wonderful reading, a change from my usual fare.  That’s the big project ahead of me. I know, Knights and Paraguay, what the hell is she cooking up now?

You can find out more about the Knights here:

I’m trying to make myself to work on more than one book at a time, so I’m working on a contemporary/supernatural piece called Last Dance that once was a piece of Halloween flash fiction. There’s a lot more story there.

The third main story is another murder mystery set in Renaissance Florence, again among the artists’ workshops, but later in the century. Who is poisoning Amelio?

Honestly? I don’t know yet.

I’m looking forward to finding out, though 😀

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