Pre-Release Day Review: Of Love and Corndogs by Parker Williams


I received a free copy of this ARC for an honest review.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The heart wants what the heart wants whether it’s corndogs or the cute waiter who suggests them…

Darwin Kincade has everything—almost. He lost his beloved partner to cancer some time ago and has yet to make his way back to a new romance.

Ricky Donnelly has personality, looks, and tuition bills to pay that keep him working in restaurants in order to get his degree.

The only thing they have in common is they never expected to fall in love…

I loved this story—Darwin and Ricky fall naturally and sweetly for each other with all the intensity of a short and unexpected romance. But Darwin fears the fact that he has everything, more than everything, in the way of financial success. He knows it’s going to come between him and Ricky despite the good intentions of both Ricky’s family and Darwin’s best friend.

The secondary characters, Ricky’s family and the people who care about Darwin, are well drawn and believable, with secrets of their own. I also love restaurant settings for stories. 😀

Money couldn’t save his partner from cancer and money can’t buy love. Though Darwin has worked hard all his life, for him, it doesn’t make sense anymore without love—I love Darwin—he self-realizes quickly, assessing what’s going on between himself and Ricky and working to keep things steady.

Ricky is potential, still bound up in school and finding himself, and he’s naturally overwhelmed by Darwin’s world, but Darwin’s instincts were right about Ricky and this gives Ricky time to fall for him before the story crisis occurs. This is a well-paced romance as Darwin woos Ricky and had me smiling and a little tearful over the poor boy/rich boy interactions.

A sweet, warm-hearted romance, just the thing to settle down with as the summer turns to autumn. I thought there might be a hint of a sequel? I hope so!!

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