#SedStuds: William, a Black Knight


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This excerpt is from William, a work in progress for the multiauthor series The Order of the Black Knights. With the help of Nano, I hope to have the rough draft finished by the end of November/December.

Who are the Knights of the Black Order? Check this out: https://velvetpanic2.wordpress.com/order-of-the-black-knights/


As William showered, he tried to close a mental curtain on the dream, but apparently the Rio Madeira still considered him its child. The thrum of the dredging boats her heartbeat under his skin, the churning of the waters through her veins and arteries filling his head. Beneath the surface, gold glinted just out of reach. He’d been reaching for it when something under the water had grabbed his hand and yanked him awake.

It was hard to believe gold was what he was reaching for, not with the ache in his chest the moment brought him. He swiped the edge of the towel across the mirror and stared hard into his own brown eyes. “What do you want, man who has everything?”

A mother who wasn’t a whore, a childhood that wasn’t a nightmare.

“Well, you can’t have that, so pick something else.” He rubbed his fingers across the scruff of beard, then through his dark blond hair curling at the tips as it dried. “I’m too lazy to shave. Eh, at least I know what I don’t want.”


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