#SedStuds: William, a Knight of the Black Order


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This excerpt is from William, a work in progress for the multiauthor series The Order of the Black Knights.  Hector is William’s enemy and soul mate.

Who are the Knights of the Black Order? Check this out: https://velvetpanic2.wordpress.com/order-of-the-black-knights/


Hector appeared to be about to say something, but his gaze went past William’s shoulder, to the window. William turned quickly, alarmed, not expecting to see the large blue butterfly sitting on the windowsill. It flew in a drunken line around the room and landed on the duvet folded at the foot of the bed, where it flexed its wings a few times. Then it flew off again. A moment later, a second blue butterfly entered by the same window and flew about the room with the first.

William held still as a third and fourth fluttered into the room and circled them.

“I had this dream…” he murmured. “Didn’t I?”

“Star Sapphires,” Hector said, smiling. “They are bringing us luck, I think!”

“I followed them…” The vivid image would not leave his inner eye, of following the butterfly down a golden hallway.  Like a photograph he’d forgotten he’d had of a time long ago. “But I wasn’t a child in the dream.”



(Photo Credit: http://stylishxfashion.blogspot.com)




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