#rainbowsnippets: Ardent #4


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On February 1st, Ardent, my gay historical romantic suspense, was released, thanks to my wonderful editor Julie Bozza and Manifold Press. It takes place during the Renaissance in Medici Florence about 1475. Here they are in the Tuscan countryside, in the midst of their affair.

Morello awoke to birdsong thick in the afternoon air. In the heat, their sleeping bodies had separated in the long grass. An arm’s-length away naked Benedetto lay on his back, head pillowed on his arms, his face turned toward Morello with closed eyes and a small smile. Morello plucked a piece of long grass and tapped it against the sleeper’s nose, his lips, then tickled down his neck. The grass touched his chest, tapped one rosy nipple, then the other, snagging in the soft honey-gold chest hair. Benedetto twitched and groaned, brushing at the frond in sleep. Morello grinned and tickled Benedetto’s cock as it nestled in crisp gold curls, and then swept the grass down his thighs. Benedetto opened his eyes and sat up, his serious gaze catching Morello and holding him there.


Some sales links and chapter 1: http://manifoldpress.co.uk/2017/01/ardent/

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