Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2017

Creative Writing Annual

2017 Edition

The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual returns with a selection of extraordinary short fiction and poetry to spark the literary imagination. The winners and finalists of the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award represent a broad selection of the very best in established and promising international talent. The featured compositions invoke a rich array of imagery and concepts that illuminate daily life. This inspirational collection combines longevity with innovation – a book that will stay with the reader, whilst offering new perspectives on the world and our place within it.

Contains the story Escaping the Inescapable by Jag:

Mohammed is a Syrian refugee seeking sanctuary in Europe. Too afraid to request asylum on the basis of his sexuality, he drifts from country to country. But memories of Adnan torment him, and he has to confront his past before he can find peace.

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About Jag:

Jag lives in Yorkshire, England. Physically and mentally disabled, with little formal education, they have taught themselves creative writing. They are editing their first novel and starting to write another. They are queer and explore that in their work, along with all forms of intersectional diversity.


One thought on “Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2017

  1. myblogwp1 April 22, 2017 / 4:19 pm

    Thank you! My first promo 🙂 I realise I need to do better at this…


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