Christopher Wild by Kathe Koja X04


ISBN: 978-1-938263-30-9 ebook    ISBN: 978-1-938263-29-3 hardcover


Three lives. One man.

Christopher Marlowe was the first rock star poet, a spy, an atheist, a gay rebel whose controversial plays thrilled audiences and challenged the government.  CHRISTOPHER WILD is Kathe Koja’s new novel, a daring remix of eras—the glitter and threat of Elizabethan England, a grimy mid-20th century, and a dark near-future of constant surveillance—as Marlowe loves and fights and writes his way through every dangerous age.

And CHRISTOPHER WILD is a unique bespoke project from Roadswell Editions. Eager readers joined in with early support, receiving excerpts and research notes as the book came to life. The novel has two editions, in limited hardcover and ebook, echoing Marlowe’s double life as a private writer and a very public figure.

Kathe Koja says, “I’ve been a Marlowe fangirl since I first met his incendiary plays and delicious poetry. And not only does he write like an angel, and speak truth to power, he does it with a cigarette in hand and a lover on his arm—this man is fun.”

Koja’s award-winning work spans multiple genres, from historical to horror to YA novels to immersive performance events, and has been called “powerful” (The New York Times), “riveting” (Publishers Weekly), and “hardcore” (The Village Voice).

For more information on CHRISTOPHER WILD, or to request a galley, contact Christopher Schelling



Few writers have the brilliance and versatility of Koja. I’ve just bought my bespoke edition.  –  CORY DOCTOROW, author of WALKAWAY

Kathe Koja illuminates how the raw and vital essence of Marlowe has persisted down the centuries.  – SARAH MILLER, author of CAROLINE

In CHRISTOPHER WILD, Koja has done more than re-imagine Marlowe—she has channeled him, wholly, ferociously, onto the page. Transcendent, essential, Christopher Wild IS Kit. The king is dead: long live the king.

                                                 – MARYSE MEIJER, author of HEARTBREAKER



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