Friday At The 7-Eleven by JT Hall

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Title: Friday at the 7-Eleven
Author: J.T. Hall

Publisher: Torquere Press

Length: Novella (17,000 words)

Genre: Gay BDSM Romance (M/M/M)

Blurb: Brent’s a bully who picks on his workmate Alex. What Brent doesn’t realize, however, is that Alex wants him, but is too scared to ask. Meanwhile Brent’s convinced that all he needs is a firm hand to push him down and force him to be a good guy.

Then he meets Craig, an muscled veteran working at the local 7-Eleven. Craig knows a switch when he sees it, and Brent’s got it written all over him. He needs a hard takedown and some training to harness that sadistic side. Craig decides that what might be best is for all three of them to get together. Only by embracing honesty and self-control can each of them find what they need.

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Author Bio: J.T. Hall has a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a Master in Education. She has long been active in the LGBT and local leather community and does charity work including AIDS education and suicide prevention. Currently, J.T. works as a technical writer in the healthcare industry and lives with her partner and teenaged daughter in sunny Arizona.





Alex practically ran from his car to the job site, strapping on his work belt as he went. He grabbed his level to double-check the wall he’d erected before lunch, wondering how in the world he was going to approach Brent and deliver Craig’s message.

Then he realized he didn’t need to, as Brent’s shadow fell across him. “You were late getting back.” Brent didn’t sound as furious as he had this morning with the nail box, but he still sounded angry. Alex’s heart beat faster, and he wasn’t sure if it was because of what he’d seen Brent doing earlier, fear, or both. Then again, Brent always seemed to have that effect on him.

Well, there was no time like the present. At least this way he could get it over and done with. “I was chatting with the attendant at the 7-Eleven,” he replied, holding the level like he could defend himself with it. “I think he said his name was Craig? He said he wanted to see you after work.” Did he dare add that Craig wanted to see both of them? Even just getting this much out made him want to run and hide from Brent’s reaction.

Brent’s eyes went wide with shock. He grabbed Alex by the arm, his fingers digging into Alex’s flesh hard enough to leave bruises. “What the fuck? He told you to tell me that? Why the fuck would he do that?”

Alex’s mouth worked as he struggled to speak. “I don’t know! He just said to tell you that.”

Letting go of him, Brent took a step back. He regarded Alex with narrowed eyes. “Tell me exactly what he said. And you’d better not breathe a word of this to anyone else. Or I will mess you up.”

“I would never!” Alex blurted, and at Brent’s look, he whispered, “I would never do that. He said, ‘see if you can get him’—that’s you—‘to meet me here after four.’” Alex took a deep breath and plunged forward. “And then he told me to come as well.” And if he was following Craig’s orders, he supposed he should say the last part as well. Alex prayed it wouldn’t get him killed. “He said something about being ready to ‘take it’ and me being on bottom.” By this time his face was flaming.

Brent’s brows drew together and he stood still, watching Alex with unreadable eyes. Alex wished he could go crawl into a hole somewhere. He jumped a little as one of their coworkers told them to get moving. Brent’s eyes narrowed as if he could drill into Alex’s head with his gaze alone. His lip curled. “I’ll meet him. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on. I intend to find out.”