Pre-Release: Claimed by Love by Skye Jones


Claimed By Love:

Release Date 12/22/14

 Blurb: Kayley Edwards has spent the last four years closing herself off after a vicious attack by her lover left her scarred and terrified. After fleeing her native Alaska, she ran the length of the country and began a new life in Miami far from her family and friends.
When her cousin and his friends decide to vacation nearby, he invites her to join them, saying he has important news. Determined not to let fear rule her life, Kayley agrees to meet with them, only to have her world turned upside down. His friends include the two gorgeous men who’ve haunted her dreams for months, kindling her desire, and challenging her to take a chance on love.

Pack alpha, Luke Johnson, has sensed Kayley in his visions for years. He and his mate, Sean Wallace, know she is meant to be theirs. But how will she react when she finds out the world they inhabit is one she never dreamed existed? As passions collide, Sean finds himself acting as a bridge between his strong willed alpha and a skittish Kayley. But can they break through Kayley’s defenses and convince her to join their family?

Just as it seems the three may have a future together, a ghost from Sean’s past strikes at the heart of their happiness. They must fight for everything they hold dear to win their chance at love.


And here’s a short interview with Sean Wallace:

VP: So, Sean. What’s the best thing about being mated to Luke? Well, I can’t talk about the best thing. It’s kind of personal. (Laughs) But in all seriousness, his loyalty, passion, his strength, and his courage.

VP: And the worst? Oh, that’s an easy one. He’s stubborn! Really stubborn, when he wants to be.

VP: How did you feel about Kayley when you first met her? A whole mix of emotions. Attraction, envy, respect, fear – not of her but of where the situation might lead. Mostly though, once I got to know her a little, I felt affection and attraction in equal measure.

VP: If you could go anywhere, where would it be? Australia. I’ve always wanted to visit the country. I’d visit Sydney, and then laze on one of the beautiful beaches for however long I could before Luke got bored and dragged me off for some fun and games J

VP: What’s your favorite food? So hard to pick. I like so many different things. I like good food. I like to cook. You could say I enjoy the nicer things in life.

VP: What one piece of advice do you have for readers? To live your life to the full. We only get once chance and it’s precious.

VP: Thanks for stopping by Sean.


Sean Wallace stood on the decking, looking out at the perfect blue ocean where white tipped waves crested and crashed onto the shore. As he closed his eyes and turned his face up to the warmth of the sun a tingle started deep in his spine. His mate had returned.

He turned with a smile as the front door opened and voices echoed in the large living space. Julie’s rapid-fire words drifted to him through the open patio doors only to be picked up by the wind and scattered out to sea. He didn’t move to go inside. He waited for Luke to come to him, loving the way his partner would always seek him out before doing anything else. His need to see Sean would be strong.

Sean and Will had spent the morning unpacking and exploring the huge family home the group rented. Luke had taken Julie and Taylor to meet the leader of the local shifter pack, a common courtesy when wolf shifters traveled into new territory. Sean found himself left behind as the designated babysitter for their newest member, Will. He suspected Luke had also left him behind to avoid any other shifters touching Sean. His mate could be as possessive as hell. He let the rest of the pack touch Sean, but if anyone outside the pack even so much as slapped Sean on the back, Luke would get a hard look in his eyes that meant trouble.

Not that Sean minded. He loved Luke’s possessive side. Their life was near perfect.

“Hey.” Luke’s deep voice sent another shiver skittering up Sean’s back. “Miss me?”

“Always.” Sean turned and buried his face in Luke’s neck. As he inhaled deeply, he heard Luke do the same.

Soft lips nuzzled at him, moving down until they found the mating mark he’d placed on him when they’d bonded. Luke’s tongue laved over the spot, dragging a low moan out of Sean. It always hit him deep in his belly when Luke paid attention to the sensitive area.

“How did it go?” he murmured as Luke continued his ministrations.

“Crappy. The guy was a pain in the ass,” Luke said with a quirk of his lips. “I mean literally. Dude had this big old set of stone thrones like something out of a movie, and he offered me the one next to him. My ass went numb about twenty minutes in.”

Sean waggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll have to massage it later, bring it back to life.”

“Ass CPR?” Luke snorted. “Sounds…interesting.”

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Author Bio: Author Bio: Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who loves a sexy, tortured hero. Her first story was about a talking hobby horse, but she’s moved on since then. Now she likes to write about that moment when lust and love meet head on.

Chat with her on: Twitter – @skyejromance

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Hitting Black Ice releases December 2, 2014


Violence spills into the local ER, catching Hunter and Shawn in the crossfire. In the aftermath, buried passion explodes, pulling them into a hot encounter that leaves both men wanting more. Each man has good reason to keep his distance, but when the past catches up with Shawn, they must run for their lives.

At least they’re running together.

(My baby…*blinkblink*)

An Excerpt:

Hunter watched Shawn take a few more sips, which he seemed to like, his amusement twinkling in his eyes when he saw how outrageously floored Hunter was that Shawn was here. He put the wine glass down and toed off first one Converse, then the other, revealing cold-looking pale bare feet. He grabbed the hem of the flannel and the T-shirt as one and pulled it off over his head. When Shawn reached for the belt buckle of his jeans, Hunter found his voice.

“Stop,” he said.

Shawn blushed. “I misunderstood?”

“Not one iota.”

He took a step toward Hunter. “Then what?”

“Can’t we go slower? Have a little more wine? Not jump into it again like someone hasn’t just tried to kill us?”

Shawn’s eyes widened at that. He handed Hunter his wine glass, and he chugged it.

“I thought I was the nervous one,” Shawn said. “My fingers kept slipping off the keys.”

“I’ve had too much time to think.” The wine hit his belly with a nice warm rush.

“That makes two of us.” Shawn nodded. “You don’t show it, Hunter. You always look so calm.”

“Uh,” he said.

Shawn’s smile was on low voltage, but zapped Hunter just the same. “Show me your place?”

The kitchen shrank with the two of them in it. A long counter with a window at the end of it, a small table for two, and along the wall the fridge and the stove. Yellow walls and white cabinets he frequently cracked his head on. Black and white tile and homey touches from his brother’s wife, Joan—handmade potholders and embroidered tea towels he would never buy for himself.

They walked through the living room, past the couch and matching chair, a rocking chair and table, and his diplomas on the wall: Bachelor of Science in Biology from Umass/Amherst and Masters of Science in PA Studies from Northeastern. Alongside these were framed prints of the woods in winter, mountains, and a quiet lake. These Shawn examined, then scanned Hunter’s CD collection, and tapped the Bose on to the classic rock station with another amused glance at him.

The shelves held mostly work-related books, pictures of his family, and lots of dogs. There was a good one of the dog of his childhood. He wanted to tell Shawn about them, but he didn’t dare let him any closer than that, wouldn’t.

Don’t let me, Shawn.

Hunter leaned against the doorframe between kitchen and living room, watching Shawn walking around his place half-naked, his tight ass, and the broad expanse of his bare shoulders. He wasn’t skinny but lean, long hard muscles lay beneath his usual flannel and denim.

Hunter felt okay, better than okay, then. He began to move toward Shawn, whose eyes glittered, the smile coming back, not yet to its full wattage.

“Why do you dye your hair that color?”

Shawn retreated to the CD rack again. Chose one and popped it into the Bose. “I have Goth pretensions.”

Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter poured from the speakers. “To conquer Rome?”

Shawn laughed and shook his head. “Not that ambitious.”

“Come on, at least cross the Rubicon.” Hunter reached for him, caught again in that smile. Chest to chest, Hunter leaned in for the kiss, his arms going around Shawn, fingers sliding down his strong back, dipping between jeans and skin. Shawn locked his arms around Hunter, fisted hands resting on the small of his back, and jerked him even closer. They stood there and kissed, blissed out.

When Hunter let Shawn speak again, Shawn said, “I’m really a blond.”

“Prove it.”

Wet Paint by Will Parkinson

Book Name: Wet Paint

Author Name: Will Parkinson

Author Bio:

WILL PARKINSON believes that no matter what obstacles are thrown in the path of young love, it will always find a way to win in the end. He wants his characters to have their happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to come easily.

None of this would have happened if he had followed the advice he was given many years ago. “What are you wasting your time on that for? It’s never going to amount to anything.” He believed it for the longest time, abandoning characters he’d created in his childhood.

He picked up his very first m/m story by a writer named Eden Winters, who was an absolute joy when they corresponded. She asked him if he wrote and he told her the story. Eden explained to Will that the voices in his head would never go away and how he needed to let them out. With that thought in mind, Will put e-pen to e-paper once more. It was truly a liberating experience and one he has no intention of giving up again.

Author Contact:





Cover Artist: Reese Dante

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Video trailer:


Although Addy’s heart and body bear the scars from his life before he was adopted by the Deans, he’s ached for something he thought he would never find. Until he met Benny. He isn’t sure how anyone can care for someone as broken as he is, even though he wants it desperately.

High school senior Benny Peters has his whole life planned out for him, until a chaste kiss at summer camp opens a new world of possibilities. Determined to erase Addy’s insecurities, Benny works to take away his boyfriend’s pain and replace it with love.

When Addy’s past intrudes on their future, it’s going to take everything Benny can muster to show that no matter what – or who – they face, they belong together.


ADDY SAT in the car, worry creasing his brow. Not even an hour ago, he’d been so happy. Why was he so nervous now? His thoughts drifted back to his conversation with his dad. Would Benny still want him when he found out what had happened? Would he think Addy was too broken? Addy shivered. He tried to tell himself Benny would never be like that, but how could he know for sure?

“What’s up, little man? I can hear you thinking from over here.” Benny chuckled.

“Nothing, Benny. I’m okay.”

“Addy, c’mon. I can tell you’ve got something on your mind. I need to know what it is. I can’t help if you won’t let me.”

Addy took a deep breath. “I’m afraid,” he admitted. “Of what? Camp?” “No… of losing you.”

“I don’t understand. Why would you think you’d lose me?”

“Benny.” Addy sighed. “I need to tell you some stuff. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s really not going to be nice.”

Tour Dates/Stops:

9/22: Because Two Men Are Better Than One, Joyfully Jay, Velvet Panic

9/23: The Hat Party, Iyana Jenna, Rainbow Gold Reviews

9/24: Prism Book Alliance, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words

9/25: LeAnn’s Book Reviews, Havan Fellows, Andrew Q. Gordon

9/26: Hearts on Fire, Lee Brazil

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10/1: Cate Ashwood, Book Reviews and More by Kathy, Kimi-Chan

10/2: Amanda C. Stone, Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings, Fallen Angel Reviews

10/3: Emotion in Motion, Love Bytes
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Secrets of Neverwood Anthology


Book Name: The Secrets of Neverwood Anthology

Author Name: G.B. Lindsey, Diana Copland, Libby Drew

Author Bios:

G. B. Lindsey was born and raised in California, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Literature and Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz. Her first love has always been writing: as a child, she cultivated such diverse goals as becoming “a cowgirl and a writer” or “a paleontologist and a writer.”

Aside from her salacious and ongoing affair with the horror genre, she loves to write sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, and short stories. Other hobbies include playing the piano, reading voraciously, the occasional period drama movie night, and devouring scary film after scary film. She recently moved back home from Newcastle upon Tyne, where she earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing, and now lives in Sacramento.

Diana Copland began writing in the seventh grade, when she shamelessly combined elements of Jane Eyre and Dark Shadows to produce an overwrought Gothic tale that earned her an A- in creative writing, thanks entirely to the generosity of her teacher. She wrote for pure enjoyment for the next three decades before discovering LiveJournal and a wonderful group of supportive fanfiction writers, who after gifting her with a “Best New Author” Award encouraged her to try her hand at original gay fiction.

Born and raised in southern California, Diana moved to the Pacific Northwest after losing a beloved spouse to AIDS in 1995. She lives in eastern Washington with four obnoxious cats and her ninety year old Dad, near her two wonderful adult children.

Libby Drew glimpsed her true calling when her first story, an A.A. Milne /Shakespeare crossover, won the grand prize in her elementary school’s fiction contest. Her parents explained that writers were quirky, poor, and often talked to themselves in supermarket checkout lines. They implored her to be practical, a request she took to heart for twenty years, earning two degrees, a white-collar job, and an ulcer, before realizing that practical was absolutely no fun.

Today she lives with her husband and four children in an old, impractical house and writes stories about redemption, the supernatural, and love at first sight, all of which do exist. She happens to know from experience.

Libby’s STATE OF MIND received rave reviews for being fast, clever, and relentless and was nominated for a Bookie Award for Best M/M Novel of 2011. 40 SOULS TO KEEP, Libby’s third novel, has been described as intense and heart-poundingly good and was praised by Publishers Weekly for maintaining a high level of suspense.

An avid supporter of gay rights, Libby donates her time to the Trevor Project and organizations that work to support marriage equality.

Publisher: Carina Press

Blurb: Three men with vastly different lives are called home to Neverwood, the stately Pacific Northwest mansion of their youth. The one thing they share is a promise to Audrey, the woman they all called mother—that upon her death, they would restore the house and preserve it as a home for troubled boys.

But going home is never easy.

Cal struggles to recover from past heartbreak, while Danny fears his mistakes are too big to overcome. Devon believes he may never break down the barriers that separate him from honest emotion. And a benevolent spirit lingers in Neverwood’s halls, intent on guiding her foster sons away from the mistakes of their youth and toward true love.

On the path to brotherhood, they discover the old mansion holds more than dusty furniture and secret passageways. An old mystery stirs up a new danger, one that could cost the men far more than just the house.

Tour Dates: June 16 – July 11

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June 16: Kimi-Chan

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June 20: Parker Williams, Cate Ashwood

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July 9: Fallen Angel Reviews

July 10: Nephylim

July 11: Amanda C. Stone

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Secrets of Neverwood: One Door Closes\The Growing Season\The Lost Year:

The Lost Year:

The Growing Season:

One Door Closes:




Apollo’s Curse

Brad Vance is a popular author of gay romances, including the best selling novel, “Given the Circumstances.” He blogs at, and can be reached at
Author Links:
Twitter: @BradVanceAuthor
Cover Artist: Brad Vance
Publisher: Brad Vance Erotica
Blurb(s): All Dane Gale ever wanted was to be a successful writer.  After a few sessions with his new friends Rose and Sherry at a romance book club, well, the more romances they read, the more they’re convinced they can do better.  And do they ever!  They join their creative forces to become “Pamela Clarice,” self-published romance novelist.  When they look for a cover model for their first book, Dane sees the photos that will change his life.
Paul Musegetes is the world’s most popular romance cover model, and the most secretive.  Dane soon finds himself obsessed with this supernaturally handsome man, and when he meets Paul at the Romance Writers’ Ball on the Summer Solstice, he and Paul connect for one night of passion…
After that night, Dane’s a writing machine.  He can’t stop writing romances, and every story he touches turns to gold.  But he also finds that he can’t write anything but romances. And soon he’s spending every waking moment of every day writing another after another…
Then Dane finds out that this Midas touch has a heavy price.  After the next Summer Solstice, he’ll never write again.  Not a romance, not a serious novel.  Nothing.  Not even a grocery list.  And that leaves him with only one option – find Paul, and get him to break the curse.  But before he can do that, he’ll have to track down Paul’s equally mysterious photographer, Jackson da Vinci…

It wasn’t hard to find Paul again.  And to find the “other images with this model” link.  And click.  And click.  And blow up my browser window to 200%, so that when I zoomed the photos, his face, then his eyes, filled my screen.
And what surprised me was that there were not only so many images of him, but that he could be so many different men in so many different pictures, different settings – he was the tender lover with the rose, the snarling Viking, the cool guy in a band, the Miami Beach tool, the shifter/werewolf, the business man, the college kid, the gym rat, the outdoorsman, the poet, the drill sergeant, the soccer player, the swimmer…  As I looked at each picture, I was totally convinced that I was looking at the real man, that that was who he really was…until I looked at the next.
And yet, always, he was clearly recognizably himself – Paul.  It was those eyes, reminding you that he was in there, somewhere, behind the image, and you’d never know which one he really was, he was all of them, he was whoever you wanted him to be…

Tour Dates: 6/2 – 6/13
Tour Stops:
June 2: Prism Book Alliance, Dawn’s Reading Nook
June 3: Kimi-Chan
June 4: Elisa Rolle,  Nephylim,  Up All Night, Read All Day
June 5: Book Reviews, Rants, and Raves
June 6: MM Good Books, Jane Wallace-Knight
June 9: Parker Williams, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words
June 10: Amanda C. Stone, Fallen Angel Reviews
June 11: Gay Guy Reading, Jade Crystal, My Fiction Nook, Talon SO
June 12: Love Bytes, It’s Raining Men
June 13: The Novel Approach, The Hat Party

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